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Let's go, Ruby! Pilgrimage of the Five Hundred Arhat. You can't always be happy, but... you are quite fortunate, you know? For Fate / Grand Order on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Lostbelt 5.5 Stream and Strengthening topic" - Page 2. Your job is over, as humans have now conquered death ! What comes and goes through the sky is the ship of the stars, the skyscraper of the cloud curtain, the village where cats frolic, the palace of the gods, the picturesque scenery of the frozen wastelands! From here on, the scorching heat will take you to the eighth circle of hell! Ryouma: No, no, I'm seriously counting on you. It won't be satisfied while it dreams. The 'and' would make putting neither at the end possible. That is, the spear of the divine made from sacred sacral bone. Azrael! Is it a beauty? Fly, Maanna! Come forth and kill like a nightmare! A smile!? Kerakuten : Dragon-Clam Mandala! Secace Morgan! 【FGO】Translation of Sengo Muramasa chant 【Fate/Grand Order】英霊剣豪七番勝負 村正の一太刀[English sub] No el espadachín invencible Jūbei, ni el altamente elogiado maestro de espionaje Hanzō, ni el renombre Onmyouji Abe no Seimei. Disperse, among the foam. Hey, you, catch this. 『C.C.C.』! Thou who embraces the name of the Holy Spirit Ruwach – thy name be. Even his NP chant sounds much more epic. The 2nd paragraph has no...nor...and neither. Descend! Untuk NP dmg, kita kumpulin data dulu. Come, break the taboos and dive into the dreams. Translation of Muramasa chant. I can't even...this is just...I'm so lucky!!! Sleep, not swim, into sole peace...Kerakuten : Dragon-Clam Mandala! You're mine down to the marrow in your bones. C++ | 5 min ago . Laus St. Claudius! My body perishes, alike to Akutas scatter! We won't mind if you admire us, you know? Yes, hear the agony! The autumn leaf viewing that hastens the rain shower, the oh-so lonely evening twilight. Split the heavens and tether the earth, anchor of the storm! Excalibur Viviane! All manner of destruction shall not reach us. I will wipe them out all at once! Perannya mirip dengan versi lainnya, menyerang Ayaka dengan cara yang sama seperti saat menyerang Shirou, tetapi Cu Proto bisa dikatakan memiliki nasib yang lebih buruk dalam ceritanya. Namu, Tenmn Daijizai Tenjin! Napping in the Dazzling Sunshine and Feasting! Release the light beyond the rainbow! Muramasa Shirou 千子村正(Fate) Saved by Animelife. Samurai Reincarnation (魔界転生, Makai Tenshō) is a 1981 Japanese fantasy film written and directed by Kinji Fukasaku and starring Sonny Chiba, Kenji Sawada, and Hiroyuki Sanada.It is based on the novel of the same name by Futaro Yamada.. Fifty years of human life, compared to the lower heavens, it is no more than a dream...! Melt away. (Gasp)...! Hell incarnate is the reward for your depravity! Even the Sun Fortress cannot escape Chacha... Go! And so, this is my golden theater! Guide these suffering people to a constructed Paradise. The Servant Universe is the cosmos: etherspace, yet lawful. Uffufu, how adorable! Anpu Neb Ta Djeser! Receive recompense for your vices. GUMIIIII!! Heaven's Feel activate, bring an end to all things. Fu, FUHAHAHA…. Np's and the like. 28/jul/2018 - Mohammed Husam encontrou este Pin. HAMESH AVANIM! Autoplay. Zveri Krestnyi Khod! Entering battle. Zekken, Mukyusandan!!! 10.08.2017 - Xurvaz hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Still, I admired the symbolism of the anecdote. Muramasa NP Chant GL. Devour! Height and weight of servants from FGO(Fate/Grand Order). You need more height! Demonic Sword, ready. Luminosité Eternelle! Majestic! Always hitting its target, Eye of the Euryale! If you mean the first paragraph, I omitted the I am e.g instead of I am not...nor...neither it's just 'not'. I'm going to jump like a bunny! NP: ? Annhiliate them! On Sochirishuta Sowaka, On Makashiri-ei Shibei Sowaka! Let your pitiful tears cast a curse on their life! He was a sword. With the third shot, the suppression has been completed. Mine heart is immovable, yet it must be free. My dark light will return you to particle form! Round of Avalon! Tauropolos, gooooo!! I will purge all that is toxic, all that is harmful! Share. The sword of victory is shining upon the waves! Here I come. Tree of mourning, bare thy fangs! Take that! The heart of the blade is right here!Take this, This is my Tsumugari Muramasa!!! Sever fate. Smile of the Stheno! Got you~. Uffufufu, I stand tall while you lay small, so is that not trivial? Wgah'nagl fhtagn! I really like the story of Masamune and Muramasa's rivalry, but I was also surprised to hear recently that both blacksmiths were born in different generations and couldn't possibly have met. 『Soar, O Great Golden Wings of Mine』!! Please enjoy all the pleasures it offers. In the first paragraph, sentences 1-3 connect into sentence 4, making it sound even cooler actually. The Fruit of Wisdom. O Sky! Uxion Nope, the surgery still hurts. Tch, this is as far as I can go now! The final dragon is within mine breast. O Tragic Dragonkin Who Knew Naught of Love... Oh dragon who never knew love's touch, come to me. This is the prime aurora... Hahaha! The eleven stances that established an undefeated lifeteam, Oboro Urazuki--- now here I come!! The agony of Hell! Ishana, Daitenshou! The Buddha Way, Unsurpassable: I vow to realize it. This just and fair suffering?! Zekken, Mukyudandan! Báthory Erzsébet! A shadow with a hundred variations... I don't know who I am any more... Killer technique! I'll~ eat~ you~! The fox sees all. My march will continue for eternity. In a similar vein, when doing various chants in the narrative and elsewhere, she addresses "father" ... Also, somewhere between this trope and No Pronunciation Guide is the beginning of her NP chant in witch form. Beings Innumerable, Paths pleasure derives from those pains. I can reach even the sea of stars! Marvelous Exploits! Slash! Fragrant winds of May brush against your cheeks, blessings ring from beyond the stella! Well then, everyone, you're squished in one go. If one commits a crime, that will receive a verdict of mortality. Torture, torture, and even more torture! Sink into the Sea of Life. Reach the edge of the world and go beyond its limit. Pashupata! Vortigern, Hammer of the Vile King, reverse the rising sun. He boasts a diverse skillset, which allows him to perform rather self-sufficiently. Oooooh, ooooh..! 2 years ago. The film was nominated for three Awards of the Japanese Academy and won two of them. Fan Nicknames for the Loads and Loads of Characters go here. FGO - Shimousa - Avenger Amakusa Vs Muramasa Shirou. The travel of the wicker basket, the court, is hereby adjourned! No matter how far and despoiled it is, I will search for this star. Come on, Prydwen Tube Riding! Nobunaga the Rock 'n Roll! Dragon with an Agenda: He has a goal separate of the Foreign God. Manifest yourself, Lord Camlot! Stairs of seventy, seven hundred dreams. ますます陳宮を信用するようになったという。. Take-off! From the heavens, to the Earth! Magical providence, oh natural master of this world, return all to its origins—. Even if Summer ends, since I have all the memories I made, I will fly! Pandemonium Cetus! Haaah...go along now, and disappear. Disintegrate all! 67 Views. With that being said, the weapons of the Xia dynasty does not utilise humans. However, after the Noble Phantasm deals damage, depending on the Servant and the conditions, some NP Gauge is refunded after using the NP. Beyond the gate of deep slumber, you'll descend and reach the land of dreams. Upon ones arrival are countless tools.Carved over a thousand blades, forming a pile of swords.This is the place where all paths crossThis is the place where all desires flowThis is the place where all deaths awaitMy whole life was for this single swing. Whoooooooh! I will awaken the breath of the planet, for I walk with humanity. We shall end here...tonight. With all my heart and my soul! Connect the five elements. Splaaash! I'm going to let you hear he biggest hit in the Servant world! Think about this. Disclaimer: I own nothing... "Senpai, please wake up" ... "Tsumugari Muramasa" With a mighty swing everything in front of Shirou was covered with crimson flames. Shirou describes it as a suggestion to change himself and the words that will \"connect Shirou Emiya\". True Name sealed. May your sleep remain uninterrupted. He wasn't amused. Stat atk dia 8627 di level 70 (dah 1000 Fou), NP5 multiplier 1200% da nada buster up sesuai OC, asumsikan skill 1 level 10, ada NP dmg up 16%, base multiplier 1x, dia menghasilkan: But you leave me no choice. Ahh...Xiang Yu would nod in approval! You can't escape anymore. Ferociously trembling shadows, lined arrows, recieve my hatred! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Now, let's work hard and live that hiko life! This is a tale of endless wishes woven by my spoken words... ...Alf Layla Wa-Layla. By the wrath of Shiva, here ends thy life. Anything and everything! There were stories about his Katana that killed Tok… Vastness, freedom, and boundlessness... Stack all three rays to create endlessness! I treasure life, but I will destroy that civilization! Sink, sink, sink, sink! It's me, of course! Truly, tis what makes a storm at night terrible. Make those unsightly "myuu myuu" noises all you like! Fog beyond her palm, great fingers meeting like walls. Regardless of who they may be, none can reach my heights! Oryou: Yeah, let's go...! Nipa~, What should be hated is not you, but the sin inside you. JP Spoilers. Hayagrīva, I shall carry my anger to cut down evil. Altura/Peso: 187cm ・ 78kg Origen: Fate/Stay Night País de origen: Japon Atributo: Neutral ・ Moderado Género: Hombre As his origin differs from other heroic spirits, he cannot be considered a proper heroic spirit. To victory! Even as I’m abandoned by a destiny of ruin… my eternal grief! Moon! Heartbreak Morgan! Kenzen Ichinyo". ... Official NA Muramasa chant. Then praise me! Second shot. Fly, fly, fly! Learn all there is to know about 『Amakusa Shirou』 in FGO(Fate/Grand Order)! Di FGO, dia berpikir positif tentang Master yang "menghadapi tantangan memulihkan sejarah manusia", kemungkinan tidak memiliki keraguan tentang meminjamkan kekuatannya untuk tujuan tersebut. your own Pins on Pinterest The lost City of Gold, the magnificent and eternal City of Flowers, the Throne of the Gods, the Gate of the Utmost Limits where dreams come to an end! Chant mereka sedikit berbeda karena pengalaman yang berbeda dalam kehidupan mereka masing-masing. ...What a boorish person. First step, silence... Second step, infinite suffering... Third step, a sword absolute! Samurai Reincarnation (魔界転生, Makai Tenshō) is a 1981 Japanese fantasy film written and directed by Kinji Fukasaku and starring Sonny Chiba, Kenji Sawada, and Hiroyuki Sanada.It is based on the novel of the same name by Futaro Yamada.. Some interesting bits:It has alot of buddhistic themes for example the "I" in "What I seek for" is written 我が業 (read wagami) when you usually use 我が身 for "I" so another way to understand is "my karma" since 業 can also mean karma. For Fate / Grand Order on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Lostbelt 5.5 Stream and Strengthening topic" - Page 2. Fate/Grand Order - Muramasa Shirou Theme Song. 1:46. 0. My envy, my hatred! From what I understood, Murasama is not strong enough to be a heroic spirit so he was summoned using a stronger vessel whose body and mind is almost the same as him and that vessel ended up being Shiro. By descending, you'll reach the land of dreams. Dec 3, 2018 - #Fate_Series #FGO #FateGrandOrder #fate #fgo_lostbelt #comics #art #anime #drawing #manga Dengan NP charge atk 0,86%, quick up 10% dari passive skill, asumsikan ga crit maupun overkill, jadinya : Arts + Quick + Arts + Extra = 6,88% + 6,837% + 12,04% + 12,04% = 37,797%. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Great Death Claw! Round of Avalon! It boosts your NP overcharge. That which heals all wounds and grudges, our glorious homeland. He seems interested in Irisviel. Now what will I plunder this time? He is also rather tanky due to his NP’s attack reduction and his Evasion’s defense up. From what I had read, his manner of speech is different from Shiro. This is the! Thine own justice will be the guiding light to cleanse thy blood. Which is the exact opposite of what the FGO "Learn More with Manga" section is asking for lol. Do not awaken from thine dream. Fgo Chen Gong Comic. You shall hold the star aloft without being called by anyone. Let them be known through the pain of death! Karakuri Genpou, Dongyu. Wanting to cut Fate huh, well that at least confirms the Kojiro qoute of Muramasa able to cut causality. Public Pastes # For I am the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven of the Waves, Oda Nobunaga! Lend me your strength for this moment! Not the invincible swordsman Jūbei, neither the highly praised master of espionage Hanzō, nor the renown Onmyouji Abe no Seimei. The land of hope, the trails of paradise. Advance! Man has conquered Death itself! Arondight Overload! Noble Phantasm 「イグ・ナ。イグ・ナ、トゥフルトゥクンガ。我が手に 銀 しろがね の鍵あり。 虚無より 顕 あらわ れ、その指先で 触 ふ れたもう。 我が父なる神よ。我、その真髄を宿す写し身とならん。 It's the Finale! I am not mistaken. I am Hachitendou, the tengu that rules this place from hiding. This sword is my path to the void, my very life! I am the evil dragon that flies away holding the Grail of Heaven. Nor...." "Neither" is always first, and there's no "Not" anywhere. The theater comes forth from the sea... Luxurious! Farewell. Rawrier. This is the ultimate pinnacle of the spear. Beyond the gate of deep slumber, there are thousands of wonders and every mystery to journey through. A Crisis Crossover, plus classic Nasuverse shenanigans, equals a game that can grow many a meme. Yay! Di cyber world, NP ini akan berfungsi sebagai Anti-City, Anti-World Noble Phantasm. Fufu….Fufufu, ahahahahaha! Now, let the curtain be raised. Mirror of Corpses, Mirror of Darkness. Breast Zero・Erzsébet! I truly pity you all, yet, was escape from me ever possible…? Oh sun! It is rudimentary, my friend. Higher and higher and even higher! This is the ultimate formation of the Great Tactician, Unreturning Formation. Fufufu, fufufufufu. Born of Mother Earth, imbiber of the wind’s wisdom, fulfilled by the water of life. This is the howl of a soul filled with hatred! Praise my Golden Theater! Gorgeous, happy, and elegant☆ The radiance of the morning sun! Enough punishment, now is the time to transfer merit. Feb 7, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by HARU K. Discover (and save!) a guest . Your role has ended. Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji! Jan 17, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Choco. For reference the written out japanese text. My dance is exclusively for Xiang if you see it, you're as good as dead! Spirals interlacing! GUMIIIII!! Aaa...AAAAAAAGH! [proceeds to cut through a seven-story castle from inside a Reality Marble in one swing] RAW Paste Data . EMIYA is a Servant notable for his somewhat rare deck combination, which allows him to gain NP more easily, at the cost of having less Buster cards. Enormous Form, Emerge from the Sea of Life!! Open, Nuptiae Domus Aurea! You scoundrels! Please add entries in the following format: The meme. Who's that? Enormous Form, Emerge from the Sea of Life!! Apologies for the VR. AALALALALALALAI! May 29, 2019 - Hector Hits: 2|2|1|3 Military Tactics C+ Increases party's NP damage for 1 turn. O Athena, another dose of Gorgon’s blood…! Merlin : "...Approved. Oryou-san's great transformation...『Like a Soaring Dragon』!! The evil dragon shall fall, and the world will reach its sunset. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Xiuhcoatl Charteada! Yet graceful! The sparkling journey that is An Gal Ta Seven Colors! 109 Views 4. Thy dragon, originating from sin, see the truth of Ascalon! This world is full of destruction! Burn! Bedivere, Gareth, Lancelot, Mordred, Galahad" Página de humor y contenido dirigida por todo un clan. Both Archer and Shirou use an incantation to facilitate the invocation of the Reality Marble. He is akin to a defense system born by humanity's unconscious collective "will to continue existing." No Sun could defy descent, nor could any Moon. An assassin once known and feared as the "Mage Killer," and one of FGO's most unhealthy-looking Servants. O Demonic Sword of the Sun, with that blade, give rise to destruction! Chiyome, for instance, has a rare NP seal skill (it's one of the few debuffs Shuten's NP doesn't have) which is a good way to stall stun-resistant enemies ready to fire. Mnnnn, I can't bear it anymoreeee! This is the ultimate formation of the Great Tactician, Unreturning Formation. This is the last vacation. Someone earlier did a Muramasa Shirou chant for the Gacha: Not the Golden Rule of Gilgamesh, ... Lancelot at np 4 and Emiya at np 3. I am death. Nipa~. I'm not sure if the first part is part of the chant or more like his words towards Amakusa. Laaaaa! Hell starts here. I'm just really curious. Ehehe...Look, I've become this big. As even a tiny life has a Five part Soul, I shall grant you a merciful end. You're not going anywhere! Found you. Go, run around in a pathetic attempt to escape. ....Identifying it! Accept this blow from my Tsumukari Muramasa!!! Here I I I go...HERE I GO...! If you are so insistent, then I have no choice. First shot. The goal is to slap Nobu and Jeanne out of their first break bars while leaving Taiga's, which goes well, and then tunnel Taiga to get Dantes back to 100% NP before three turns end and the buffs expire. A purified boundary that protects all within Hakuro Castle. Legend says that he has forged a demon sword that antagonizes the Tokugawa clan. [[File:Tamamo-no-Mae Voice Noble Phantasm, O gods of Izumo! Caliburn! Rhongomyniad! Mary: I'll back you up! Aah… Not enough, not enough, not enough! The hunting tiger waits eagerly but won't strike that doorway. Grant me flames. If you are to enter, it will be impossible to leave. Servant Command Card Name Tier Rank Effect (NP1 to NP5) Overcharge Effect (NP1 to NP5) Altria Pendragon: Excalibur Sword of Promised Victory A Anti-Fortress Deal heavy damage to all enemies. I come! Now! Apr 18, 2019 - Saber (セイバー, Seibā) is a Saber-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Have you learned your lesson? Enjoy it. The ripples of the turning pages, the jostling of the bookmark. I'll make you fall into cruelty. Draw blades... charge! Non Caster NP Charge Skill. 'Dreamlands'. Kalimat dalam mantra itu dapat dikatakan kapan saja tanpa memerlukan persiapan, dan EMIYA dapat berhenti di antara baris mantra itu untuk berbicara dan kemudian melanjutkannya lagi tanpa masalah. Ryouma: This is my Noble Phantasm... Let's go, Oryou-san! [That Distant Blue Planet - Pale Blue Dot]. Yahoooo! Gate Open! Kenzen Ichinyo", Now then. Dio santissimo misericordia di me! The disastrous capital of evil, the hidden wasteland of intense cold, the sole peak of the foreign gods, the absolute summit of the unknown. Everybody, A TSU MO RI! Well, probably It will sound better in the voice of Sir Ian McEllen. This is truly the proud singing Illustris...! ), a Pseudo-Servant in the body of Shirou Emiya. Here it comes, Big Wednesday! Didn't people say that he's 100% Shirou? Aaand now, Chacha's special move: Radiant Demon Fortress of Sun!!! I like the wordings for the description of the each person. Kalo pake Bond CE, ada NP gain up 15%, jadinya : Arts + Quick + Arts + Extra = 7,912% + 7,86255% + 13,846% + 13,846% = 43,46655%. Ishana, Daitenshou! 『Soar, O Great Golden Wings of Mine』!! Come hither, my roaring sword, now unsheathed! Look closely upon my strategem — “Formation of Formlessness!”. Would make translating a bit easier, although I am still at the learning process. Let the gods and Buddhas of the three realms return to ash. Eternal beauty, and endless banquet… The ugliness of old age shall be cast away till the end of time! Guide includes Ascension / Skill Items, Stats, NP, Skill & Review. Something like this, perhaps (although I do notice we run into 被り problems with the last part): I once sought to create the ultimate blade.Not a blade of steel to sunder flesh, or bone, or life.No, what I sought was to bury hate.A blade that would sever bonds. Start over from the five fundamental seasonings! みてってね、まおーさま! Shocking strike, BZZ BOOM. Arthur : "This is a battle to save the world." 魔術師殺しと呼ばれる恐るべき暗殺者であり、FGO世界でも有数の顔色が悪いサーヴァント。アイリスフィールのことが気になっている。 Assassination-Type Servant. Let me show you the manifestation of mysteries. At the end of beliefs and dreams, to the treasure of the new world! Fuhahahahaha! He's making a Muramasa style chant for the sake of being thematic or what? Where are you from exactly? No matter where, the flower of Protea shall grow. The great Hachitendou, the yokai of the castle of the white heron is coming through! To both divines I offer this... Phoebus Catastrophe! Assemble, winds... Activate Kashin Mystic Code! Arthur : "Excalibur!". This version of Shirou Emiya is from the Fate Route, who has techniques of all other Emiya Shirou's that he has and has been sent to the sixth singularity by the counterforce to help Chaldea's master to … Hello, small one. The lost City of Gold, the magnificent and eternal City of Flowers, the Throne of the Gods, the Gate of the Utmost Limits where dreams come to an end! 00:01:41. Fwahahaha! Bear Witness! [[labelnote:Explanation]]The … Gate Open! The disastrous capital of evil, the hidden wasteland of intense cold, the sole peak of the foreign gods, the absolute summit of the unknown. Noble Phantasm, Fragment Deployment. The great trick... Tsago Degi Naleya! Namu, Tenman Daijizai Tenjin! Press J to jump to the feed. File:Abigail Williams (Summer) Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Abigail Williams (Summer) Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3, File:Abigail Williams (Summer) Voice 2nd form Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Abigail Williams (Summer) Voice 2nd form Noble Phantasm 1.mp3, File:Abigail Williams (Summer) Voice 3rd form Noble Phantasm 1.mp3, File:Abigail Williams (Summer) Voice 3rd form Noble Phantasm 2.mp3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, File:Artoria (Caster) Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3, File:Artoria (Caster) Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Artoria (Caster) Voice 3rd form Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Artoria (Caster) Voice 3rd form Noble Phantasm 1.mp3,,, File:Asclepius Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Asclepius Voice Noble Phantasm 3.mp3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, File:Bradamante Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Brynhild (Berserker) Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Brynhild (Berserker) Voice Noble Phantasm 3.mp3, File:Brynhild (Berserker) Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3,, File:Caenis Voice 3rd form Noble Phantasm 1.mp3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, File:Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Saber) Voice Noble Phantasm.mp3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, File:Illyasviel von Einzbern (Archer) Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Illyasviel von Einzbern (Archer) Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3,, File:Irisviel (Holy Grail) Voice Noble Phantasm.mp3,,,,,, File:Ivan the Terrible Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3, File:Ivan the Terrible Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3,, File:Jaguar Warrior Voice Noble Phantasm.mp3,,,,,,,,,,, File:Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily Voice Noble Phantasm.mp3,,,,,,,,, File:Kijyo Kouyou Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Kijyo Kouyou Voice Human form Noble Phantasm .mp3, File:Kijyo Kouyou Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3, File:Kingprotea Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Kingprotea Voice Noble Phantasm 1 Gao.mp3, File:Kingprotea Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3,,,,,,, File:Li Shuwen (Assassin) Voice Noble Phantasm.mp3,,, File:Mandricardo Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Mandricardo Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3,,,,,, File:Mash Kyrielight Voice Noble Phantasm.mp3,,,,,,,,,,,, File:Meltryllis Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3, File:Meltryllis Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3,,,,,,,,,, File:Miyu Edelfelt Voice Noble Phantasm.mp3,,,,,,,, File:Murasaki Shikibu Voice Noble Phantasm.mp3,,,,,,, File:Mysterious Heroine X Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, File:Okita Souji (Assassin) Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3, File:Okita Souji (Assassin) Voice Noble Phantasm 3.mp3, File:Okita Souji (Assassin) Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3,,,,,,,,, File:Paul Bunyan Voice Noble Phantasm 3.mp3, File:Paul Bunyan Voice Noble Phantasm 4.mp3,,,,,, File:Prince of Lan Ling Voice Noble Phantasm.mp3, File:Qin Liangyu Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3, File:Qin Liangyu Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Qin Shi Huang Voice Noble Phantasm.mp3,,,,, File:Quetzalcoatl (Samba Voice Noble Phantasm 4.mp3, File:Quetzalcoatl (Samba Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Quetzalcoatl (Samba Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3, File:Quetzalcoatl (Samba Voice Noble Phantasm 3.mp3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, File:Sessyoin Kiara (Moon Cancer) Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3, File:Sessyoin Kiara (Moon Cancer) Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Sessyoin Kiara (Moon Cancer) Voice Noble Phantasm 3.mp3, File:Sessyoin Kiara (Moon Cancer) Voice 3rd form Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Sessyoin Kiara (Moon Cancer) Voice 3rd form Noble Phantasm 1.mp3,,,, File:Shuten-Douji (Caster) Voice Noble Phantasm.mp3,,,,,,, File:Sima Yi (Reines) Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Sima Yi (Reines) Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3, File:Sima Yi (Reines) Voice Noble Phantasm 3.mp3,,,,,,,,,, File:Tomoe Gozen (Saber) Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3, File:Tomoe Gozen (Saber) Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Noble Phantasm 1.mp3, File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Noble Phantasm 3.mp3, File:Yu Mei-ren (Lancer) Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3, File:Yu Mei-ren Voice Noble Phantasm 2.mp3,,,

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